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Research and innovation

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Drive future development with innovation

Facing the historical development opportunities and challenges of developing a circular economy and building a harmonious society, the company is based on the green environmental protection industry and adheres to the business philosophy of Scientific research cooperation, vigorously improve product quality and technological content, making Renle become an enterprise with scientific management, leading technology and first-class benefits.

Innovation strategy

Reynolds adheres to the three major strategies of "talent strategy", "technical innovation strategy", and "basic research development strategy". Continuous investment in scientific research is the guarantee of Renault's industry advantages. The company insists on people-oriented and technological innovation, and the R&D team accounts for more than 30% of the total number of employees. Invested heavily in the introduction of a complete set of precision instruments and experimental equipment. Reynolds has grown into a high-tech enterprise integrating professional products and system solutions in the industrial automation field.

Technology Innovation Platform

Postdoctoral Workstation

Smart Grid R&D Center

Shanghai Enterprise Recognized Technology Center

Key High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan

Comprehensive power electronic technology platform for soft starters and frequency converters

Production, study and research

Renle Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on opening up the channel for technological innovation and the industrialization of scientific research results, using technology markets, capital markets, and talent markets as links, using resource opening and sharing as means, deploying innovation chains around the industrial chain, improving the capital chain around the innovation chain, and strengthening Cooperation between various innovation entities, promote the close integration of industry, university, research and application, and build an open and efficient innovation network and innovation community with multi-agent collaboration and interaction. The company continuously introduces production equipment and testing equipment, establishes laboratories, and provides research and development experimental bases for many domestic colleges and universities. With the approval of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the company was allowed to set up post-doctoral workstations, which symbolizes the cooperation between Reynolds schools and enterprises The establishment of a joint platform for industry-university-research and research has improved the company's independent innovation capabilities and R&D capabilities. To promote the development of the industry, make positive contributions.

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