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Take quality as the core and service as the guarantee

Satisfying the needs of customers is our goal; for the sake of customers is our service tenet; customer satisfaction is the criterion of our work.

Shanghai Renle is adhering to the spirit of continuous self-improvement, pragmatism and innovation, accumulating bit by bit, working hard, and using the concept of "high-tech, high-end application, excellence and sustainable development" to convey the power of the brand to the world. Solid every step, excellence every day. Through 20 years of unremitting efforts, we have used new products, new technologies and characteristic service advantages to write a legend in the field of motor transmission and become a national industry representative comparable to international brands.

Service philosophy

Focusing on customers, paying attention to customer needs, establishing customer demand-oriented service processes, enhancing customer service and marketing innovation capabilities, and creating a strong integrated customer service system.

• Provide customers with convenient and professional quality services

• Provide enterprises with comprehensive and accurate market quality information

Service resources

We have established more than 140 after-sales service outlets across the country, more than 120 professional sales and service engineers, and 24-hour customer service center after-sales service.

National unified technical service hotline: 800-8200785

Service Platform

Renle insists on building a global service system "customer-centric". By integrating domestic and foreign service resources, it builds three shared platforms of logistics center, service center and call center to provide customers with high-quality one-stop service. Renle will integrate the concept of customer service into all business links such as enterprise research and development, manufacturing, sales and service, and each business link is customer-centric, pursuing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty to the maximum.

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