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Frequency Inverters Asked Questions of -Parameters

1. What are the factory parameters of the inverter?

N600=100 (press the WR key for 3-5 seconds), it must be in the shutdown state to be effective.

2. In the inverter N308 motor parameters, does the [motor leakage inductance] specify the sub-leakage inductance or the rotor leakage inductance?

Stator leakage inductance = rotor leakage inductance = motor leakage inductance

3. Can the inverter check the previous fault information?

Yes, for example, RNB6000 can view the latest 8 fault code information through parameter N603.

4. It is included in the N701-N712 parameter manual of RNB6000, but can't it be seen in the inverter?

N701-N712 are the default hidden group parameters, just set N700=7

5. Before starting RNB6000 with a motor, input the parameters of the motor correctly?

Because the RNB6000 inverter realizes a better control of the motor, a special algorithm is added to achieve a better control effect, and the parameters on the motor label must be correctly input. Otherwise, there will be phenomena such as starting skip current failure or frequent failure to increase.

6. How to set the external analog input 0-20MA and 4-20MA of RNB6000 inverter?

RNB6000 can input 0-20MA and 4-20MA externally. The internal parameter N222=0% is 0-20MA input, and N222=25% is 4-20MA input.

7. Can RNB6000 inverter realize the switching of main frequency and auxiliary frequency source?
RNB6000 type inverter is possible to pass external terminals X1(12).X2(13) terminals. X3 (14) terminal realizes frequency switching in a binary combination (such as parameter N203=15. N204=16. N205=17). The default frequency setting is controlled by N002, when the multi-function terminal is connected to COM (20) terminal It can be switched through (terminal priority is higher than N002).

8. What is the difference between RNB6000 motor tuning N311=1 (static self-learning) and N311=2 (dynamic self-learning)?

RNB6000's N311=1 static self-learning learns the motor resistance and resistance leakage inductance, and refreshes the value of the internal parameters N306.N308.N309. N311=2 dynamic learning is to conduct self-learning on the motor no-load current and motor mutual inductance. Refresh N307.N310.N403, the parameters of dynamic learning are more comprehensive (it is better to adopt dynamic learning method).

9. How to set the analog output output of RNB6000 inverter 0-10VDC, 0-20MA and 4-20MA?

RNB6000 can output 0-10VDC and 0-20MA/4-20MA output signals to the outside. The hardware part is selected by the two dip switches on the main board AM1. and AM2 (select current/voltage), and then Set to 0% when 0-20MA output is selected by parameter N226 (AM1 channel) and N228 (AM2 channel). Set it to 25% for 4-20MA output.

10. How does RNB6000 inverter realize heavy load control (vector control).
To achieve vector control, you need to correctly input the parameters on the motor nameplate (motor current, speed, number of pole pairs), and then set N311=2 (dynamic self-learning) after input, and then take the empty motor and start (the inverter starts learning) to identify After learning the motor parameters, just set N008=4.

11. How many relay dry contact outputs does RNB6000 inverter provide externally?

RNB6000 provides two relay dry contact outputs, which are 11.21 (normally open) and 01.02.03 (normally open, normally closed) outputs, and one transistor output is also provided.

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