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Product Description

NL100 series inverters are suitable for three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motors. Its compact structure, high reliability, widely used in fans, pumps and various equipment, ceramic machinery, machine tools, woodworking machinery, packaging and printing machinery, material handling equipment and other general equipment (conveyors, elevators), etc.


The NL100 series frequency inverter speed regulator improves the production efficiency for the majority of users by virtue of its compact structure, powerful function and convenient use.

○ In the V/f control mode, the high-precision current limit control makes the drive no matter whether it is fast acceleration, deceleration or stall, there will be no over-current alarm, reliable protection Drive; In the vector control mode, the high-precision torque limit control enables the drive to output strong torque or soft torque according to user process control requirements, and reliably Protect mechanical equipment.

○ In the V/f separation control mode, the output frequency and output voltage can be set separately, which can be applied to applications such as variable frequency power supply and torque motor control.

○ The speed search is accurate and reliable, and it can start smoothly without impact on the rotating motor.

○ Process PID control, with rich reference and feedback modes, free switching of two sets of proportional, integral and derivative parameters. Especially suitable for energy-saving applications such as fans and pumps.

○ Support the input of DC power supply, which is convenient for users to compose a common DC bus application scheme.

○ Overvoltage stall protection: When a large inertia load is running at a rapid deceleration, the regenerative energy may cause an overvoltage fault. The instantaneous adjustment of the output frequency can reduce the probability of overvoltage trip and ensure the continuous and reliable operation of the system.

○ Undervoltage regulation: In the event of instantaneous undervoltage or instantaneous power failure, the output frequency is automatically reduced to maintain a constant DC bus voltage to ensure continuous operation of the drive in a short time, suitable for applications such as fans and centrifugal pumps.

○ Over-current stall protection function: During heavy load and rapid acceleration, excessive instantaneous slip may cause over-current faults. The instantaneous adjustment of the output frequency reduces the probability of over-current tripping and ensures the continuous and reliable operation of the system.

○ Low-frequency oscillation suppression function: For high-power motors when starting with no load or light load, severe oscillations will cause fault trips. Turning on this function can effectively suppress low-frequency oscillations and ensure reliable system operation.

○ Automatic torque boost: In V/F control mode, the output torque can be automatically adjusted according to the load condition to adapt to light load, no load or even overload starting.

Technical index:

Input and output characteristics

● Input voltage range: single-phase 220VAC±15%, three-phase 380VAC±15%

● Input frequency range: 50~60Hz±5%

● Output voltage range: 0~rated input voltage

● Output frequency range: 0~600Hz

Technical characteristics

● Control mode: V/F control, vector control without PG card, torque control

● Speed control range: open loop vector control 1:100

● Speed stability accuracy: ±0.5%

● Starting frequency: 0.00~10.00Hz

● Overload capacity: 150% rated current 60S; 180% rated current 10S; 200% rated current 1S

● Acceleration and deceleration time: 0.1~3000.0s

● Energy consumption braking capacity: braking unit action voltage: 320~750V

● DC braking capability: DC braking frequency: 0~300Hz; DC braking waiting time: 0~50s;

● DC braking current: 0.0~150.0%; DC braking time: 0.0~50.0s;

● Frequency setting mode: analog quantity setting, high-speed pulse setting, multi-segment command setting, PID control setting, 485 communication setting

● Automatic voltage adjustment: when the grid voltage changes, it can automatically keep the output voltage constant

● Speed search start: realize smooth start without impact on the rotating motor

Control terminal

● Switch input terminals: standard 5 inputs

●Analog input terminal: standard 2 analog inputs, AI1:0~10V or 0/4~20mA input optional; AI2:-10V~+10V input.

● Switch output terminal: standard 1 multi-function collector output

● Analog output terminal: Standard configuration 1 output AO1 (0~10V or 0/4~20mA optional)

● Relay output: standard 1 relay output

Communication Interface

RS485 communication: Provide RS485 communication interface, communicate with outside RS485, support Modbus protocol (RTU mode)


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Keyboard display

LED display: high bright LED digital tube shows related information about the frequency inverter

Product Model

Keyboard display

Product appearance and installation size, weight

Product outline installation size data sheet

Product number:

Note: Inverters with power below NL100-4T-30-B (inclusive) are equipped with built-in braking unit as standard, and inverters with power of NL100-4T-37 and above are optional with built-in braking unit.


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