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DKG1 series general low-voltage switchgear for mining

Product Description

DKG1 mining general low-voltage switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear), marked as: (KA), suitable for coal mines without gas, dust, and explosive hazardous locations and non-coal mines and other similar underground power supply systems . As AC 50Hz, voltage of 1140V, 660V, 380V underground parking lot, central control room, general air inlet tunnel, three-phase three-wire power supply system power and 127V lighting circuit, this switchgear is also suitable for ground power plants and substations And metallurgy, chemical industry, etc. power supply, three-phase three-wire system, three-phase four-wire system 1140V, 660V, 380V, 127V power distribution system.

This product complies with GB/T12173 "General Electric Equipment for Mines", GB/T7251.1 "Low-Voltage Switchgear" and other standards.


1. The main cabinet frame of the switchgear is made of cold-rolled steel plate (or stainless steel plate) after being bent and partially welded and assembled. The left and right mounting beams are assembled and welded with the main frame using steel columns with fixed modulus (29mm) mounting holes. The overall structure: It has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, no deformation, high installation accuracy and easy batch installation.
2. The front and rear double doors of the cabinet are equipped with a lock. The front door is equipped with a protection panel, measuring instruments and indicator lights in the measuring room. The main bus in the switch cabinet is placed on the upper part of the cabinet and fixed with flame-retardant high-strength insulated bus clamps. The electrical components are installed on the mounting beam in the cabinet and are fastened by bolts. The up, down, left and right can be adjusted freely, and the installation is convenient and flexible.
3. The switch cabinet door is sealed with rubber sponge strip to achieve the sealing requirement between the door and the cabinet, and the protection level is IP54.
4. The switch cabinet can be operated from the front of the cabinet, and the front and rear of the cabinet can be installed and repaired.
5. The switchgear can be used alone or assembled in groups. (It can replace ordinary switch cabinets such as GGD, GCS, RMNS)
6. The cable lead-in device of the switch cabinet can be opened at will according to the thickness of the cable, and there are bolts to facilitate the total grounding.
7. It can be equipped with mine leakage protection device and selective leakage protection device for supporting use.

Technical index:

Product Model

Product model description:

physical dimension::

Schematic diagram of the external dimensions of low-voltage switchgear

Low-voltage switchgear installation diagram

Low-voltage switchgear primary circuit plan