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GKG1 series mine general high voltage switch cabinet

Product Description

GKG1 mine general high-voltage vacuum switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear), marked as: (kA), suitable for coal mines without gas, dust, and explosive hazardous locations and non-coal mines and other similar underground central control rooms , In the power supply system outside the main ventilation channel and the main ventilation channel of the underground parking lot, it is used as the power distribution protection and control of the three-phase AC 50Hz voltage 3.3kV, 6kV or 10kV electrical equipment. It can also be soft-started or Directly start the downhole fan and high-pressure water pump motor. This switchgear is also suitable for ground substations, metallurgy and chemical power systems. This product complies with GB/T 12173 "General Electrical Equipment for Mines" GB 3906 "3.6-40.5kV AC Metal-enclosed Switchgear" and other standards.


1. The body of the switchgear is welded by cold-rolled steel plate or (stainless steel plate).
2. The switchgear adopts a relatively independent cabinet structure with upper and lower floors. Each floor is equivalent to an ordinary switchgear. It is divided into upper cable room, lower cable room, upper handcart room, lower handcart room and busbar room. The busbar traverses from the middle of the back of the cabinet to supply power to the upper and lower floors, and the upper and lower floors are all outlets for the lower cable holes, which is convenient for users to connect.
3. The switchgear is composed of a fixed cabinet body and withdrawable parts; the circuit breaker adopts a hand-cranked structure; it can be equipped with RNG9 and imported VD4 vacuum circuit breakers. It is easy to replace or repair the circuit breaker. The operation sequence complies with the "five prevention requirements", and the handcart is interchangeable.
4. All primary insulating parts are made of SMC high-insulating powder by one-time die-casting, which guarantees the mechanical strength while ensuring reliable insulating performance.
5. The salient feature of this switchgear is: the volume is the smallest among similar products, and it is easy to install and transport. It can replace ordinary KYN28 switchgear, saving capital investment and saving space.
6. Advanced and complete protection functions. Flexible, according to different loads, short circuit, over current, leakage, insulation monitoring, under voltage and over voltage protection can be configured. The protection components are integrated electronic integrated protection, and four remotes (remote measurement, remote signaling, remote control, remote adjustment) ) The functional microcomputer integrated automatic protection device sends all the information to the superior monitoring or dispatching system in real time through the communication network to realize the automatic control of the grid operation status.

Technical index:

Environmental requirements

1. The altitude does not exceed 2000m;
2. The ambient temperature is not higher than +40℃ and not lower than -5T;
The relative humidity of the surrounding environment is not more than 95% (at +25℃)
4. Where there is no severe vibration or impact, the inclination of the vertical plane should not exceed 5°;
5. In the environment where there is no gas, steam or dust enough to damage the metal insulation in the surrounding medium;
6. In a place where there is no gas or dust explosion hazard in the coal mine.
Note: When users have special requirements, they can negotiate with the manufacturer.

Technical parameters of switchgear:

Technical parameters of RNG9-G-12 vacuum circuit breaker

Mechanical characteristics of RNG9-G-12 vacuum interrupter

When the circuit breaker is used to control a 3-10kV motor, if the starting current is less than 600A, a metal zinc oxide arrester must be added. The specific requirements are negotiated by the user and the manufacturer; when the circuit breaker is used to break the capacitor bank, the rated current of the capacitor bank It should not be greater than 80% of the rated current of the circuit breaker.

Technical parameters of RNG9-G-12 vacuum circuit breaker

Product Model

Product model description::

Schematic diagram of product dimensions:

Schematic diagram of switchgear installation:


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