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RNBF series AC frequency converter

Product Description

RNBF-D series inverters are used to control the speed of three-phase AC motors. The product adopts modern microprocessor technology and SVPWM control theory technology, and adopts insulated gate bipolar crystal Youku tube IGBT with modern advanced technology. Power output device. Therefore, it has high operating reliability, and the adjustable carrier frequency greatly reduces the noise of the motor. The perfect protection function of this product provides good protection for the inverter and the motor.


Brand new space vector technology

The excellent vector algorithm ensures low-frequency large torque, high-efficiency grid voltage utilization and optimized sine wave output under the premise of minimum switching loss, so that the motor's working noise and heat are reduced.

Unique software dead zone compensation

The dead time is the culprit of the frequency converter's low-frequency pulsating torque. RNBF's unique software dead-zone compensation ensures the stable torque characteristics under the conditions of low-frequency extreme speed to the greatest extent.

Multiple control methods

V/F Contro| (frequency, speed)

Sensorless Vector Control

Sensored Vector

Excellent speed tracking start without speed sensor

It can start the running motor to ensure the smooth and continuous operation of user equipment, and RNBF can automatically realize stable speed tracking.

Voltage fluctuation suppression

The dynamic automatic voltage control (AVC) function ensures that when the input voltage fluctuates by ±10%, the output voltage fluctuation is less than ±5%.

Perfect protection function

It has protection designs such as overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, IGBT short circuit, inverse time overload, etc., and can be safely protected in the case of load short circuit and grounding.

Built-in flexible PWM energy consumption braking

The user can easily realize energy consumption braking by selecting the appropriate braking resistor.

Friendly man-machine interface, flexible input and output interface

LCD English display, providing 2 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs, 1 analog output, 3 digital outputs

Intelligent temperature detection

Technical index:

Power supply

Input voltage V: 3-phase 660Vac~690Vac; ±10%;
3-phase 1200Vac; ±20%
Input frequency: 50Hz~60Hz (±10%)
Main power connection: It is forbidden to switch more than once per minute

Output rating

Output voltage: 0~95% of Vin
Continuous output current: Icr: the maximum ambient temperature is +40°C, over-debt 1.5×Icr (1 point/10 points)
Ivr: The maximum ambient temperature is +40°C, not an overload.
Starting torque: 150%~200% (0.5Hz) controlled by Sensorless V/F
150%~200% (0Hz) in Sensorless vector control
Output frequency/speed: Sensorless: 0.0~300.0【Hz】/0.0~3000.0【Hz】
Sensorde: 0~8000【rpm】
Control method and characteristics

Control mode: Sensorless V/F frequency control, Sensorless V/F, Sensorless vector speed control, Sensored vector control, Sensored vector speed control, Sensored torque control
Switching element frequency: V/F control: 1.0~10.0【kHz】
Sensorless&Sensored control vector: 1.0~5.0【kHz】
Reference frequency: analog I/P: resolution 10 bits, accuracy ±0.1%;
Panel reference value: resolution 0.01Hz (0-300Hz)/0.1Hz (greater than 300Hz)
Operating frequency of field weakening point: automatic setting (auto tuning)
Acceleration time: V/F control: 0.5~3000.0【sec】
Sensorless&Sensored control vector: 0.00~3000.0【sec】
Deceleration time: V/F control: 0.5~3000.0【sec】
Sensorless&Sensored control vector: 0.00~3000.0【sec】

Environmental restrictions: operating environment temperature: -10℃~+40℃

Storage temperature: -40℃~+6℃
Temperature: <95%, no condensation allowed

Protection functions: overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, zero sequence current, low current, low voltage, motor overspeed, uncontrollable, overheating, IGBT short circuit, motor short circuit, initial charging error, external error signal detection, cable Drive power supply and Wiring error detection, poor keyboard communication detection, Auto Turning error detection, software error detection.

Control input and output specifications

Input analog voltage: 0V (-10V) ~ +10Vac, resolution 10 bits
Input analog current: 0 (4) ~ 20mA, resolution 10 bits
Digital input: multi-function 8 communication
Auxiliary voltage: +24V±20%, maximum 100mA
Analog output: 0 (or 4) ~ 20mA, RL <500Ω, resolution 10 bits
Digital output (DO3): 24Vdc, 50mA
Relay output: Do1: MAX switch Voltage: 250Vac or 30Vdc; MAX switch Current: 1Aac or 1Adc
Do2:MAX switch Voltage:250Vac 或30Vdc ;MAX switch Current:1Aac 或1Adc

Internal principle block diagram:

Product Model

Product model description:

Detailed data sheet:

Input power supply 660V-690V, 50/60Hz D series (general use mode-constant torque load application)

Input power 1140V~1200V, 50/60Hz D series

Product size table:


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