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QJR series mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe AC soft starter

Product Description

QJR-200, 315, 400/1140 (660) mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe soft starter is the latest development of our company on the platform that has been successfully and widely used in general soft start for many years. Its microprocessor control unit adopts advanced DSP microprocessor full digital intelligent control realizes the soft start function of AC motor, eliminates mechanical and electrical shock to the maximum extent, and prolongs the service life of equipment. It is an ideal replacement product for hydraulic couplers and other motor starting equipment. It has the characteristics of advanced technology, safe and reliable workpieces, convenient maintenance, long service life and complete protection functions.

working principle:

The control core of the QJR series is the microprocessor CPU. This microprocessor control system can start and protect the motor. The CPU controls the phase angle of the SCR to reduce the voltage applied to the motor, and then slowly controls the voltage and current applied to the motor to smoothly increase the motor torque until the motor accelerates to full speed. This starting method can reduce the starting impulse current of the motor and reduce the impact on the power grid and the motor itself. At the same time, it also reduces the mechanical impact of the mechanical load device on the motor to extend the service life of the equipment and reduce failures and downtime.

QJR series provides two starting modes: voltage mode and current limiting mode.


● Simple and easy to learn operation interface Chinese/English can be switched.

● Two-stage optocoupler isolation completely isolates weak current control from strong current control.

● Centralized monitoring and display of ground leakage detection.

● Complete and flexible motor protection for overload, overcurrent, phase loss, locked rotor, etc. The protection can be opened and closed separately, and the protection level can be set.

● Complete equipment protection, SCR over current, over temperature, power supply phase loss, too long startup time and startup interval settings.

● Startup points: voltage ramp, current limit, dual-stage start, impact start, and soft stop.

● Fieldbus MODBUS/PROFIBUS is optional.

● 0-20mA or 4-20mA can be programmed to output.

● Flexible use of programmable input and output.

● Multiple sets of startup parameters can meet the use of different loads.

Technical index:

Rated working voltage: AC1140/AC660 (+10%-25%);

Rated working current: 200 A, 315A, 400A;

Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Intrinsically safe circuit voltage: 20VAC

Maximum current of intrinsically safe circuit: 107m A

Soft stop time 160s (adjustable)

Rise time of soft start: 1100s

Current limit: 15Ie

Starting voltage: 30100%Ue

Cooling method: natural cooling

Communication method: RS485 serial communication

Explosion-proof type: flameproof and intrinsically safe

Product Model

Product model description

Main model:

Product structure features:

Note: The upper part of the outline drawing is the wiring cavity, and the lower part is the main cavity.

● There are three main circuit entry terminals, main circuit load terminals, and three seven-core terminals in the wiring cavity. There are two main circuit cable entry devices on each side. The maximum lead-in cable diameter is 60mm. Four control cable lead-in devices, the maximum outer diameter of the lead-in cable is 15mm.

● The main cavity is composed of soft starter components, isolation reversing switch and main control board.

● Loosen the two limit screws on the rack, remove the copper bar and control wire, the body can be easily drawn out.


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