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RNTA Series Hybrid Dynamic Active Power Filter Compensator

Product Description

RNTA Series Hybrid Dynamic Active Power Filter Compensator, new to the reactive power compensation field, breaks through restrains of a traditional concept of reactive power factor, regulates stepless outputs of both capacitive and inductive reactive power (QL~QC), increases the grid power factor at the fastest speed, filters and eliminates wave spectrum, improves quality of power grid, and is the ideal solution to high-capacity reactive compensation and harmonic suppression.

Working principal

RNTA is developed on the theory of instantaneous reactive power, equipped with technology of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and multi- core parallel processing. Its main circuit is comprised of IGBT power component (aka SVG/APF) and thyristor controlled capacitor bank. The two parts are parallel connected, detect signal through a gauge system, compute hurl-slice capacity of reactive by intelligent control, realize coarse-tuned reactive power through thyristor controlled capacitor bank and fine-tuned reactive power through IGBT power components, and adopt optimization of certain harmonic elimination technology of PWM to reduce the harmonic wave.

Technical Characteristics:

● Quick response: it adopts instantaneous reactive power algorithm to conduct speedy reactive compensation; normally the response time shall be less than 5ms.
● No over-compensation: it realizes both dynamic and stepless tracking, which outputs both inductive and capacitive reactive power, avoiding over-compensation.
● Complete function: choices of reactive power compensation or both reactive and harmonic compensation can be made by the user.
● High efficiency: it adopts the new low cost IGBT and SCR, making the device efficiency reach 99% above.
● Improved protection: it is equipped with many protection functions of load short circuit, over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, phase loss and etc.
● Flexible control: it adopts various control strategies of the constant reactive power or constant voltage control, three-phase balanced control or split-phase control and etc.

Technical Indexes

● Voltage of power grid: AC380±15%
● Compensation response time: <5ms
● Active power loss: <1% under rated power
● Way of cooling: Heat pipe + Air cooling
● Control system: Fully digital control system
● Reactive power regulation range: 0-100%
● Way of regulation: Three-phase balance & Split-phase regulation
● Average power factor: ≥0.98
● Control connection: Optical fiber or electrical connection

Product Model

Description of Product Type:

An example of product model::

○ RNTA-SVG-450/50 stands for a reactive compensation device, of which capacitor compensation capacity is 450kvar, SVG compensation capacity is 50 kvar, and the total rated capacity is 500kvar.
○ RNTA-APF-450/50 stands for a dynamic active filer compensator, of which capacitor compensation capacity is 450kvar, with an APF compensation capacity of 50A, in the aim of both reactive compensation and harmonic suppression.

Conditions of use:

○ An occasion of slightly low power factor of system and needs of high-capacity reactive power compensation;
○ An occasion of frequently varied load and needs of speedy tracking compensation;
○ A power consuming occasion with highly demanded harmonics;


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