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RNSVG Series 660V/1140V Specialized Chain Dynamic Power Quality Control Device

Product Description

660V/1140V specialized chain-typed RNSVG (Static Var Generator) is the latest generation of SVG dynamic reactive power compensation device developed independently by our company through the technology of active power filtering based on the traditional SVG (aka STATCOM in the world). As the advanced equipment with cutting-edge dynamic compensation technology, it realizes speedy reactive power tracking and dynamic compensation under the environment of high harmonic current, and actively suppresses the harmonic waves of the system.

Working principal

○ Principle of Reactive Compensation
In accordance with the reactive power current given by the real-time testing system, RNSVG realizes the dynamic reactive power compensation through the capacitive or inductive compensating current generated by the IGBT power converter. The target value of the reactive power compensation can be set through the RNSVG operation panel.

The reactive compensating current of RNSVG changes dynamically according to the requirements of the system reactive power, thus no over-compensation shall occur for flexible reactive power compensation causing no surge impacts.

○  Principle of filtering
RNSVG collects the real-time current signals through external CT inductor, separates the harmonic part through internal testing currents, and realizes lowering harmonics through the compensating current, with an equal amount to system harmonic but with opposite phase, generated by the IGBT power converter and PF filtering components. RNSVG adopts the self-mixing filtering algorithm independently developed by our company and a patent technique of PF filtering to ensure its stable operation under a high harmonic environment of 660V, and an actively suppression of system harmonics.

Technical features power advantage:

● Advanced control strategy and algorithm
Featured as high accuracy in control and fast in response, RNSVG adopts the closed loop control strategy and the algorithm of direct current control, to have a better compensation effect on a rapidly changing load of impact. Its total response time of the closed loop shall be less than 10ms.
● An unique self-mixing filtering technique
The unique self-mixing filtering technique based on the topological structure of L+LC filtering current it adopted causes large amount of low-order harmonics for filtering by a specialized PF filtering components. And the high-order harmonics shall be actively filtered and eliminated by the 1GB power converter and an internal reactor. Thus, due to a better effect on filtering, it applies to any sites with electric network impedance for no resonances and its own safety.
● Control chip with military standards
It adopts the control technique of DSP+FPGA+CPLD, and parallel operation of dual DSP. Thus its computing speed is way higher than the one adopts single DSP control way, and it has a smaller delay in communication, and is faster in response speed, beneficial to adopting a more advanced control algorithm, which makes RNSVG have a better compensating effect. Once after FPGA and CPLD are recorded in program, its operation reliability gets higher for a hardware circuit has no running programs.

● All key components and parts are imported with original packaging
1.IGBT module- imported with original packaging from Infineon, German
(1)Fourth generation of the latest IGBT technology
(2)A significantly decrease in switch and conduction losses
(3)A considerable increase in temperature and power cycles, prolonging the service life
2.Other key parts

Product Model

Model Explanation:

An example of product model:

RNSVG-1200/0.66 stands for the RNSVG series chain dynamic power quality control device with a rated capacity of 1200kvar and a rated voltage of 660V.
RNSVG-2000/1.14 stands for the RNSVG series chain dynamic power quality control device with a rated capacity of 2000kvar and a rated voltage of 1140V.

Application occasion:

RNSVG series 660V/1140V specialized chain-typed dynamic power quality control device realizes dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic treatment for power distribution system on non-liner loads in the industries of rubber, coal, petrochemical engineering, metallurgy and port, etc.
In above industries, where large amount of high-power frequency inverter, intermediate frequency furnace, rolling mill, DC speed regulation and others are used, severely pollutes the power grid for harmonics generated due to frequent load changes and low power factors.

Outline diagram of rnsvg series chain dynamic power quality control device