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RNZC Series Magnetic-controlled Dynamic Reactive Compensator

Product Description

MSVC-RNZC dynamic reactive power compensator is mainly used in the power system of 6~35kV, for realizing dynamic compensation of reactor power, an increase of power factors, voltage stability, elimination of harmonics and improving power quality of the grid. This device applies to the system of a frequently changing reactive load. Currently, it is widely used in the industries of coal, electric railway, steel and iron, wind power, electric-arc furnace, rolling mill and etc. Featured as high reliability, fast response, continuous and stepless adjustment, small occupied area, maintenance free and others, it is the ideal dynamic reactive power compensator used in electrical power system, electric railway, metallurgy, mining, new energy and etc. As a completely new HV/ LV dynamic reactive power compensation device, it offers a new choice for the user in increasing power factors, improving power quality and automatic running level.
MSVC device is composed of FC filter (or fixed) capacitor branch, MCR magnetic-controlled reactor (including an MCR unit and an excitation system), automatic control and protection system and etc. FC branch is used in proving the capacitive reactive power for the system, and in designing the multipath passive filter to reach the aim of harmonic suppression. MCR magnetic-controlled reactor is used for balancing the excessive capacitive reactive power caused by loads fluctuations, and stabilizing the voltage fluctuation caused by loads impacts. The control and protection systems are responsible for instructing the whole system in control of reactive power compensation, and protecting relevant devices.

Working principal

First, it shall start sampling on reactive power of the system through a MCR controller, and change the saturation of core magnetic through the conduction angle of an automatically controlled thyristor to realize the continuous adjustment of output capacity. It is a static structure inside with no moving parts, and high in working reliability.

Technical Characteristics

● A speedy tracking of reactive power regulation, equipped with magnetically controlled saturated reactor, a self-decoupled DC excitation and way of limiting magnetic saturation in operation, which greatly reduced the harmonics. It has low losses in active power and is fast in response.
● It adopts the optical isolation phase-shifting trigger technology to use optical fiber in transmission and phase-shifting in trigger, which increases the system insulation level, enhances system anti-interference capacity and reduces the equipment volumes.
● Its control part is made of low-voltage thyristor, which needs no withstanding voltage in operation, tolerates large current, is reliable in safety, causes a small heat and can be cooled by air with no help of a freezer. It is flexible in installation, both indoor and outdoor.
● It occupies small in floor space, and is high in reliability, free from maintenance and long in service life.
● It is highly automated by adopting CPUs in parallel connection for processing, which enables a perfect control, protection, online monitoring of the switch, harmonic measurement and control, data transmission and the function of Four Remote for items in MCR and FC branches. It is easy to operate and user friendly.

Technical Indexes

● Rated voltage of system: 6kV~35kV
● Maximum capacity of MCR branch: 20000kvar
● MCR regulation range: 1%~100%
● Maximum capacity of FC branch: 60000kvar
● Response time: 80~300ms

Product Model

Model Explanation

Application conditions

● Installation site: indoor and outdoor
● Environment temperature: <2000m;
● Altitude: -40℃~+55℃;
● Relative humidit: no more than 95% in daily average value, and no more than 90% in monthly average value;
● Environment and condition: no violent mechanical vibration, no harmful gases or steam, no conductive or explosive dusts;
● Anti-pollution capacity: creepage distance of outer insulation shall be no less than 25 mm/kV (comparing to the highest running voltage of the system);
● Earthquake intensity: no more than 8 degree
● Wind speed: <35m/s

Note: in case of any special terms in use and environment, please negotiate with our company at ordering.

Installation Diagram

Configuration form of 10kV chain-typed dynamic power quality control device (includes no reactor size)

Installation diagram of FC branch (Exemplified by a MSVC35-3600/2700 outdoor two-path filter branch)


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