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KYN28A-12 Indoor Communication Type Metal Armor Movable Closedown Switch

Product Description

KYN28-12 metal armor movable closedown switch device is the indoor electric apparatus with three-phase 50Hz single main line subsection system or double main line subsection system. The device is for receiving and distributing 3.6V-12kV network electric power, and control, protect, monitor and measure the power circuit. The products are all in accordance with the GB3906 Alternating-current Metal-enclosed Switchgear and Controlgear for Rated Voltages above 3 kV and up to and including 35kV, the GB11022 Common Specifications for High-voltage Switchgear and Controlgear Standards and the IEC298A.C. Metal-enclosed Switchgear and Controlgear for Rated Voltages above 1 kV and up to and including 50 kV.

Structure& Features

The switch equipment is designed according to the armored metal closed switch equipment in the GB3906-2013. The whole equipment is made up of the cabinet body and the movable parts (i.e. handcart) (see figure 1).
The cabinet is divided into four separate compartments. Its protection level of the shell is IP4X; the protection level of each compartment and circuit breaker room with an open door is IP2X. A whole complete distribution system device is formed after arrangement and combination of overhead incoming and outgoing lines, cable incoming and outgoing lines and other functional programs. The switchgear can be installed, tested and maintained from the front, and it can be installed back-to-back to form a double arrangement, and against the wall, which improves the safety, flexibility and reduces the floor area of the switchgear.

Shell & Others

The main cabinet of the switchgear is made of imported aluminum and zinc coated steel sheet, treated after the CNC machine tools and multiple folding process, enabling the whole cabinet body have high precision and resist to corrosion and oxidation, and be lighter, more mechanical and beautiful than others of the same kind. The cabinet body is assembled in structure with rivet nuts and high-strength bolts, which makes the production cycle shorter, the accessories be universal, products occupy lesser floor area and easy to be organized and produced.


The frame of the handcart is also made of thin steel after the CNC machine tools assembly. The handcart matches with the cabinet body insulation. The mechanical interlocking is safe, reliable, and flexible in function. According to different uses, the handcart is divided into circuit breaker handcart, voltage transformer handcart, metering handcart and isolation handcart. The handcarts of same specification can be interchangeable. The handcart has three positions for disconnection, test and working inside the cabinet. Each position is installed with a positioning device respectively to ensure reliable interlocking and programmed operation. All the handcarts are pulled by the nuts and stick, which is easy and flexible to operate by all kinds of people on duty. In case of removing from the cabinet body for all kinds of checks and maintenance, the handcart can be freed by a special transport car. The whole car is small in size, easy to conduct inspection and maintenance due to being removable type.

Technical Features

● Rated voltage kV: 3.6、7.2、12
● Rated frequency Hz: 50
● Rated current for circuit breaker A: 630、1250、1600、2000、2500、3150
● Rated current for switchgear A: 630、1250、1600、2000、2500、3150
● Rated thermal stability current kA: 25、31.5、40、50
● Rated dynamic stable current (peak value) kA: 50、63、80、100、130
● Rated short circuit breaking current kA: 20、25、31.5、40、50
● Rated short-circuit making current (peak value) kA: 50、63、80、100、130
● Rated insulation level
Power frequency withstand voltage for 1 min kV: 24、32、42
Lightning impulse withstand voltage kV: 40、60、75
● Protection level: The shell is IP4X, and IPZX when doors of compartment and circuit breaker room open.

Product Model

Product model description

Overall dimensions of switchgear

Wring scheme

Order Instruction

The following technical document shall be provided at ordering:

a、The number and use of main wiring scheme, single line systematic diagram, rated voltage, rated current, rated short-circuit breaking current, layout of the distribution room and configuration of the switch cabinet, etc.
b 、Requirements of controlling, measuring and protecting the switch cabinet as well as principles in its interlocking function and automatic device;
c、The type, specification and quantity of the main electric components inside the switch cabinet;
d、In case the bus bridge connection is needed between the switch cabinets or incoming cabinets, the rated load, width and height of the bus bridge, and other detailed data shall be provided.
e、Special statement shall be made at ordering for the use of switch cabinet in harsh environment.
f 、Written statement and negotiation shall be made before ordering for other special needs.
If there is any switch cabinet in the order contract, the foundation construction shall be fulfilled according to the map provided.


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