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RNV1 type integrated combined electric appliance

Product Description

The RNV1 integrated combined electrical appliance is a switchgear developed by RENLE Europe GmbH in response to the reliability, safety and compactness of electrical equipment required by power users. It has the characteristics of air insulation, compactness and perfect type test. It is suitable for 12kV/7.2kV power distribution systems in public buildings, commercial residential buildings, industrial and mining manufacturing industries, etc. It is also suitable for complete sets of mechanical equipment driven by high-voltage motors that require high compactness.


● Compact/flexible
The insulation method with air as the medium meets the electrical clearance and partial discharge standards of the electric power industry technical specifications.
Compact supporting cabinet size, supporting standard cabinet size: 450 × 1000 × 1800mm (width × depth × height), the complete power distribution system is particularly compact, saving space for expensive urban construction land.
Flexible busbar form and expansion mode are convenient for splicing with other different cabinet types.
● Overall / solid seal
Integrated circuit breaker combined electrical design, combined electrical equipment integrates isolating switch, circuit breaker, grounding switch, and live sensor, modular design, simple and reliable interlocking, and convenient maintenance.
● Visualization/High efficiency
The visual isolation switch fracture design, fast delivery time, and overall modular design make the assembly of electrical complete plants convenient and rapid. Integrated structure, various locking requirements are realized in a single mechanism, reducing the risk of locking failure caused by assembly process problems in the complete electrical plant.
● Stable/Durable
Optional spring/permanent magnet mechanism, long mechanical life, solid-sealed vacuum interrupter package, dustproof and high insulation performance.

Product Specifications:

Rated voltage: 12kV

1Min power frequency withstand voltage: 42kV
Lightning impulse withstand voltage: 75/85kV
Rated current: 630~1250A (feeder)
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz rated
Short circuit breaking current: 25kA/31.5kA rated
Short-time withstand current: 25kA/31.5kA
Rated peak withstand current: 50kA/63kA
Rated short-circuit current breaking times: 30 times
Mechanical life: 10000 times (circuit breaker)
Power frequency withstand voltage of auxiliary circuit: 2000V
630~1250A (incoming line)
3000 times (isolating switch/grounding switch), 100000 times (circuit breaker)

Product Model

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