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RNG9-G-M-12 (24Type) Solid-sealed Polar Pole Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Product Description

The RNG9-G-M-12 series solid-sealed polar pole vacuum circuit breaker applies to indoor switch components of 12 kV and 24 kV AC three-phase 50Hz. It can be used as a control and protection unit for industrial and mining enterprises as well as substation equipments. The RNG9-G-M-12 circuit breaker can be installed inside the KYN-28 intermediate switch cabinet for use. The circuit breaker adopts a modularized spring operating device, separate from the frame. The circuit breaker can be put on fixed installation or supported with a chassis truck to form a handcart unit.

Product Features

● A humane design in product
The RNG9-G-M-12 series vacuum circuit breaker is a new generation of medium voltage solid-sealed polar pole vacuum circuit breaker independently developed by the RENLE Europe GmbH Company, has applied for many patents and passed the whole type test of National High voltage Electrical Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and obtained an academic accreditation of ASTA. The product is beautiful in design and easy for operation, and has a high reliability and long service life.
● A feature of low probability of heavy breakdown, a prolonged life of maintenance free in electricity
The RNG9-G-M-12 series vacuum circuit breaker can be used in a special environment, is maintenance-free for frequent operations. Compared to traditional circuit breakers, our product has been increased in service life from 10000 times to 20000 times, a great leap in service. According to the type test, the product has a very low rate of heavy breakdown during the breaking process of a capacitative current, which enables a prolonged electricity life of maintenance-free.
● With high stability and reliability
The RNG9-G-M-12 series vacuum circuit breaker mechanism has optimized the drive part, which makes the modularized spring device easy for replacement and maintenance. It has a short time of checks and maintenances during black-out, and its accessories have is highly interchangeable, and matches with a vacuum quenching pot, which provides a better performance and a improvised technical parameters.
● The secondary control circuit board of the RNG9-G-M-12 series circuit breaker adopts a modularized design, which the electrical connection adopts a self-locking plug, easy for replacements and beneficial to electrical connection.
● The application of breaking brake buffer of a high performance has considerably decrease the impacts and bounce amplitudes from dynamic contacts when the vacuum circuit breaker closes, which avoids a over-fatigued vacuum quenching pot in its parts and a lowered mechanical service life. Due to decreased bounce amplitudes of contacts, there is no existence of any arc reignition and breakdown during the switching test of capacitors.
● A design of solid-sealed polar pole
The solid-sealed polar pole of the RNG9-G-M-12 series vacuum circuit breaker adopts automatic pressure gel technique to seal the vacuum quenching pot into the a epoxy resin material, which lower the external influence on the vacuum quenching pot to its minimum, immune from dusts, salt mists, condensations and etc.
It uses the epoxy resin as a insulating medium to shorten the phase distance, downsize the vacuum circuit breaker and its supporting switch cabinet.
● Technique and equipment
A highly precise air tools and claps are used in all assembly lines. An fully automatic assembly line shall be useful in avoiding errors brought by human labors and manual operation during onsite test process.
The product line is equipped with assembling jigs and testing equipment to effectively ensure the stability and consistency during batch production. The precise testing instrument of spring performance conducts tests on core spring components of the circuit breaker, making sure its stability and reliability in movement. A complete product purchase and acceptance mechanism lays strict quality control of bought-in parts.
The precise tester of circuit breaker in dynamic properties and loop resistance are the quality guarantee to products.
Before factory, each circuit breaker shall be through a running-in test for 300 times.
● Operation al Safety
The circuit breaker is capable of interlocking protection against maloperation. It can realize a interlocking function of Five Protections after equipped with a switch cabinet, which avoids maloperations and protects the safety of operators.
Only when the circuit breaker and grounding switch are in open positions can the handcart of circuit breaker be pulled to the working positions. Only when the circuit breaker is in the working or test position can it be closed.
No operation of a handcart after the closed circuit breaker, which means it only can be pulled in and out in a state of an open circuit breaker.
The circuit breaker shall not be pulled to the test position from a working position in its closing.
No closes when the circuit breaker is being pulled in and out.
At the end of a closed circuit breaker, if the closing signal were not removed in time, the control loop against tripping inside a circuit breaker shall cut off closing loop to prevent repeated closes. (Optional)
In case you choose a electrical switch with a secondary control loop failed in proving power or powering not enough for a normal operation of the locking electromagnet, the circuit breaker shall not close. (Optional)

Technical Indexes :

12kV Technical Parameters

24kV Technical Parameters

Product Model

Statement on product model :

Produce Outline & Dimension

◆ RNG9-G-M-12 Solid-sealed Type

◆ RNG9-G-M-24 Handcart Type
Rated current: 630A , 1250A; Rated short circuit breaking current: 20kA、25kA、31.5kA; Phase distance 275mm.

Rated current: 1600A、2000A、2500A、3150A; Rated short circuit breaking current: 31.5kA

Rated current: 630A、1250A; Rated short circuit breaking current: 20kA、25kA

Rated current: 1600A、2000A ; Rated short circuit breaking current: 31.5kA

Rated current: 2500A、3150A;  Rated short circuit breaking current: 31.5kA

Order Instructions:

1、The user shall provide following information at ordering:
2、Type, names and quantity of the circuit breaker ordered
3、The rated voltage, rated current, rated short circuit breaking current, phase distance, and the width of a supported cabinet;
4、Rated operational voltage and the voltage of a storage motor
5、Names and quantities of the needed spare parts;
6、In case of any other special requirements from the user, related details shall be provided at ordering.