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Product Description

The full name of EPS is Emergency power supply, which is an emergency power supply used in important buildings for grid protection and fire safety. The principle is that when the grid is normal, the grid will supply power to important loads through the mutual input device. When the grid is cut off, the mutual input device will immediately switch to the inverter power supply. When the grid is restored, the emergency power supply will be restored to the grid.

Control schematic diagram:

product feature:

RNE series intelligent all-digital EPS emergency power supply has technologies such as independent intellectual property rights, independent research and development, functional modularization, digital control, and intelligent operation.
1. Using T|'s 32-bit DSP digital signal processor 2812, this chip is currently the most and powerful 32-bit DSP processor in the international market, with a running speed of up to 150M|PS.
The original optimized SPWM core control algorithm completes the sine wave inverter. Compared with the conventional EPS power supply, the power device loss can be reduced by half, and the output voltage high-order harmonics can be nearly doubled.
3. The power device adopts Japan's Mitsubishi 5th generation high-speed intelligent power module (IPM), which has complete protection functions such as overcurrent, short circuit, overheating, and over-high and under-driving voltage.
4. With automatic battery discharge function on a regular basis, it can solve the problem of battery discharge failure due to long-term non-discharge.
5. It can query more than 1000 logs and fault record information accurate to the second.
6. Take the lead in the industry to centrally install the control board, detection board, filter capacitor, power module and drive board in a chassis with electromagnetic shielding layer, effectively solving technical difficulties such as electromagnetic interference.
The intelligent charging system has functions such as over-current, over-voltage, and over-charge protection. At the same time, it dynamically detects the battery used, accurately locates the failed battery and sends out an alarm signal to make the battery life longer.
8. It has a complete output power distribution management function, real-time monitoring of the effective operation status of each branch, and has fault alarm indication and protection functions such as open circuit, overload, and short circuit.
9. Real-time full-digital detection of working temperature, and full intelligent control of fans through monitoring data analysis results.
10. Widescreen LCD/TFT liquid crystal display; flow-type operation interface, rich and intuitive content.
11. With real-time monitoring of RS232, RS485, CNA and other communication interfaces, it meets the ICP/IP protocol and is suitable for LAN\WAN and |NT-ERET network monitoring. It also has a fire-fighting linkage interface, which can realize remote monitoring.

Technical index:


Voltage: 380VAC±15%
Number of phases: three-phase four-wire system
Frequency: 50Hz±5%
Capacity: According to the equipment nameplate identification
Voltage: 380V±5%
Frequency: 50Hz±1% Overload capacity: 120% normal work, over 150% compulsory protection within 1s
Protection: undervoltage, overvoltage, overload, phase loss, short circuit, over temperature, battery overcharge, over discharge and other fault protection
Battery: Maintenance-free valve-regulated lead-acid battery
Conversion time: special occasion ≤0.25s general occasion ≤3s
Standby time: Standard configuration: 90min, different emergency time can be customized according to customer environment needs.
Display: LCD, TFT

working environment

Noise: No noise from mains; ≤ 55dB in emergency
Humidity: 0-95%
Temperature: -10℃-40℃ Best working temperature: 25℃
Altitude: ≤2500M

Adaptable load:

applicable resistive load; capacitive load; inductive load; mixed load

Product Model

Product model description:

Main model:

Single-phase RNED series: 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 kVA

Battery selection:

RNED series cabinet size and wire diameter reference table

Cabinet configuration and size list

Wire diameter selection reference table

Cabinet shape and size reference table


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