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Product Description

Produce Name: LED Street Lamp

Product Features:

● The aluminum shell of the lamp is waterproof, unaffected by high temperature of LED lights. The lamp has two intelligent PFC devices, a constant current drive and a maximum power factor of 98%, a design of wide voltage, which enables a long-time and stable operation under a full range of voltages (AC/DC85-265V 50HZ), and significantly increases the efficiency , stability and service life of LED power. A plug-in waterproof joint is connected between the external power source and lamp body for the convenience of maintenance.

● The lamp adopts a high power LED light source of brand to give a luminous efficiency of up to 130Lm/W, which provide clients a better performance in energy conservation.

● The lamp after a scientific light distribution design makes it more suitable for all kinds of street lightings, and improves its light utility efficiency.

● The lamp adopts an overall structure of two cavities, which enables the cavity part of light source gets isolated from electrical part, which fundamentally solves the electrical heating problems during the operation of light sources and improves the service life and stability of the lamp.

● The lamp adopts an imported PC, has excellent performances against impacts and high visible light transmission. Its angle is 70 and 150 degrees.

● The lamp shell has strong adhesion after processed with electrostatic spraying technique. And it has a protection level of WF2 and IP66, enable its use in all kinds of harsh environments and a stable operation under the temperature of -40℃~+50℃.

● The lamp is installed with an intelligent central power management system to realize secondary energy conservation.

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